Custom ICO token on MEW

Instructions for adding a custom ICO token to MyEtherwallet

Hi everybody, today i will show you how to add a custom token to your Etherwallet. I personally prefer MyEtherWallet because it is simple to use and straightforward. First of all you need to have a wallet created. There are a many articles how to do that so i will not going into this for now.

So when a token is brand new, maybe you got some out of an ICO, then it will not showing up in the list of the well known tokens. Always try the ‘Show tokens’ button first. If you are adding a custom token and it is already in the list of the known tokens then you will see the token twice. It is not a problem because you are simply adding the contract address in your local MEW instance twice.

For this example il will use the H2O token, a recently launched mining ICO. (

Two simple steps

Step 1

First of all go to Ethplorer ( and search fro your token you wish to add. You will get a window displaying the token information, the symbol and the decimals

Step 2

Next go to to open your wallet.

At the right side you will see the token window.  Click ‘Add custom token’. Copy and paste the token information you got from Ethplorer to the ‘Add custom token’ window and click ‘Save’

Now you should see your newly added token in the token list to make transactions and transfer tokens to wallet addresses. Enjoy.